What is DoughBoyz?

DoughBoyz is a breakfast catering start up serving the Worcester community. The DoughCart is sustainably designed to run on electricity and drive the mission for social justice in the Worcester community.

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“Not only is the food good but the cause that the company stands for is important and should be supported throughout the Worcester community.”

-Amy Lawton, WPI

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Have you opened yet?
A: We are now taking a limited number of events for catering. Contact us for details.

Q: Is DoughBoyz a for-profit or non-profit?
A: We are currently registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) but are planning to reform as a Benefit Corporation.

Q: What will DoughBoyz's serve?
A: DoughBoyz is currently serving Doughballs made hot and fresh. Learn more about our menu here.

Q: What is the Community Breakfast series?
A: Community Breakfasts are events where DoughBoyz brings together the community to help those in need. We prepare fresh, hot meals and deliver them to nearby shelters and the local residents facing homelessness. These are our strides to help end hunger.

Q: What is your Food Security Protection Plan?
A: DoughBoyz will launch a subscription service that will guarantee breakfast meals for subscribers. Persons suffering from food insecurity will be eligible for priority access to this service. Make sure to create your account in order to participate! Stay tuned for more information.